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Spotlight is on CIN, a Strategic Partner of WAGHAS' Global Health Innovation Xchange!

Dernière mise à jour : 13 nov. 2023

We are thrilled to shine a spotlight this week on Congolese Integration Network., Strategic Partner of WGHA's Global Health Innovation Xchange!Congolese Integration Network. is a renowned non-profit organization in South Seattle led by and for Congolese immigrants and refugees. By bringing communities together and advocating for their health and well-being, Congolese Integration Network facilitates the social, economic, cultural, and spiritual integration of Congolese immigrants and refugees into their homes in Washington State.

At WGHA, we believe that collaboration is the key to driving meaningful change, and with the Congolese Integration Network. as a Strategic Partner, we are further expanding our network of like-minded organizations that share a common goal of accelerating the adoption and scale of effective global health solutions. Together, we can make a difference.

Interested in the Xchange? Learn more here

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