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The Congolese Integration Network Youth Program (CINYP) was developed in response to the need for a program which promotes healing, integrate, and empowers Congolese and sub-saharan refugee youth.

CINYP serves  youth upon satisfaction of the following eligibility requirements: age, grade-point average, experiences of post-traumatic stress, family income, juvenile Justice System involvement (or potential risk thereof), and more. 

We provide an integrated approach to youth support and development by addressing the many hurdles that can impact a child’s integration in society. CINYP streamlines its approach by addressing many universal hurdles to a youth effective integration. CINYP helps youth develop socio-emotional skills to adapt and thrive in an unfamiliar society, address, and heal past traumas, overcome language barriers, successfully navigate the school system and build self-confidence and strength.

Our Approach 



Stopping the School to prison Pipeline

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Restorative Community Pathways



Office Of Refugees and Immigrants Assistance Youth Mentoring Program

Family Connexion.jpg


Positive Family Connection


Civic Engagement & Integration

Building connections between youth and their greater American community to promote integration.

African Pride & Cultural Heritage

Connecting youth with their African

heritage to promote greater understanding and encourage pride in their origins


Academic Support & Educational Development

Monitoring, supporting, and advocating for youth’ individual needs in the academic setting to promote their development.

Self-Advocacy & Empowerment

Helping youth develop skills to advocate for themselves in life.

Behavioral Support, Mentorship, & Counseling

  • Providing youth with support and mentorship

  • Enlisting culturally appropriate mentors to guide youth development.

  • Access to appropriate mental health services on an individual basis.

Sport & Recreation

Providing youth with opportunities to interact with American society, culture and nature to promote health, happiness, appreciation and integration.

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