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The Refugees and Immigrants Week is conceptualized as a week-long international celebration of our cultural diversity through talents such as Art, Music, Dance, Sports, Theater and Story Telling. This prestigious international event is presented by The CONGOLESE INTEGRATION NETWORK brings together representatives of a wide range refugees and immigrant communities with cultures from all over the Globe. The Refugees and Immigrants Week is one the world’s most culturally diverse event featuring delegates who aim to share common values and foster local and international friendship while learning about our rich heritage. Therefore, the people we used to be yesterday introduced us to the People we are today, which makes us strive and excel for the People we will become tomorrow.



The Mission of the Refugees and Immigrants Week is to empower the diaspora by celebrating our Cultural Heritage, Leadership and Skills. The Refugees and Immigrants Week will facilitate a platform for the Diasporas to display an array of Talents, Traditions and Cultures.



The Vision of the Refugees and Immigrants Week is embodied in creating a legacy of the Refugees and immigrant communities by promoting humanity, equity, and diversity. We believe that our history of and stories should be best told by ourselves, and we continue to integrate into the United States of America.



The purpose of the Refugees and Immigrants Week is designed to build and promote relationships with folks from all over the globe as we strife to leave a positive impact in our new home. Our Lives matter, Our Voices matter and Our Stories need to be Told!


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