Building a healthier community

The Congolese Integration Network envisions a healthy, thriving Congolese community in Washington state.

Through the Congolese Health Board, CIN brings together Congolese health professionals and community stakeholders to educate and engage community in discussions about public health and personal wellness.

Community outreach

Through community surveys and home visits to community members, the Congolese Health Board also provides personal support to help people achieve their best health. By helping seniors navigate Medicaid resources or providing interpretation during clinic health assessments, the board is improving the health of the community.



Creating opportunity for the Congolese community

Congolese Housing First is empowering community members through housing support, training, and education. We provide funds to supplement housing costs while also providing intensive case management for women with children.

With funding from United Way of King County, Congolese Integration Network (CIN) is taking community members out of the Federal poverty line and beyond


Providing Support

Congolese Housing First supports community members with financial resources that help cover the cost of housing. With this support, Congolese immigrants and refugees can focus on building skills and finding employment.

Comforting Hands