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Congolese Health Board

The Congolese  Health Board connects refugees and immigrants to valuable resources concerning housing, employment, medical coverage, assistance with child care and paid family leave, DSHS Services, injuries,identification forms and I.D’s. We assist clients through the challenging journey of integration into a new society physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and environmentally.



Creating opportunity for the Congolese community

Congolese Housing First is empowering community members through housing support, training, and education. We provide funds to supplement housing costs while also providing intensive case management for women with children.

With funding from United Way of King County, Congolese Integration Network (CIN) is taking community members out of the Federal poverty line and beyond through;

  • Application

  • Rental assistance,

  • Moving cost assistance for qualified clients (understanding of lease agreement)

  • Utility

Workforce Development

  • Employee Rights Education

  • Resume Building

  • Job Application Assistance

  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities

  • Volunteer Opportunities 

  • ESL Vocational Program


  • Assistance with a variety of medical issues including, medical bills and application for

  • Health insurance and charity,

  • Translation

  •  Trauma informed case management and culturally appropriate mentorship.

  • Mental health counseling

Comforting Hands

Immigration & Legal issues 

Referrals provided.


CIN Congolese health board helps alleviate the poverty cycle and improves the health of Congolese immigrants and refugees by addressing community members through a multi-pronged approach. 

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