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Secure Shelter, Empower Lives

Dear Beloved Community,

As we gather in gratitude this Thanksgiving, we're reaching out with a special plea. Our shelter, a haven for six resilient single women who have faced unimaginable hardships, we need your support to continue providing safety and hope.


Giving Tuesday: A Day of Transformative Generosity 

This Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving, we invite you to join us in making a difference. Your generosity can be the lifeline these women desperately need.

Why Your Support Matters 

Small Donations, Big Impact:

  • $20: A meal for one woman for a day.

  • $50: Essential toiletries and personal care items for a week.

  • $200: Fresh groceries for a week for the entire shelter.

  • $100: Internet access for a month, fostering connectivity and empowerment.

  • $250: Utilities, including water and electricity, for a month.

The Heart of Our Cause 

This shelter is more than just a roof; it's a sanctuary where survivors find strength, heal, and rebuild their lives. For these women, it's a lifeline, a safe space to overcome their traumas and find empowerment.

The Consequences of Inaction 

Without adequate funding, the risk of losing this shelter looms. Imagine the impact on these women, already survivors of unimaginable atrocities, if they lose this safe haven. Your support can make the difference between despair and hope. Being Asylum Seekers, these women unfortunately not have any family that can welcome them nor do they have working permit to make a living which makes them more vulnerable to homelessness and being taken advantage of. 


How You Can Make a Difference 

On this Giving Tuesday, please consider making a donation. Your support is not just a financial contribution; it's a beacon of hope for those who need it the most.

Together, We Can Secure a Future of Empowerment 

As we give thanks, let's extend our gratitude by ensuring that these brave women continue to have a place to call home. Your generosity is a powerful force for change.

With heartfelt appreciation,

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