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Your Help is Needed

The Congolese Integration Network in its mission to usher and educate for a thriving community has RE-Opened it's doors to provide complimentary ESL classes to refugees and immigrants living in King County and beyond. 

As you may know, CIN had a successful first session prior to Covid. We provided ESL to a total of 35 parents. These classes gave birth to business owners and confident contributing community members able to navigate the American system with confidence and provide for their families by maintaining their jobs. Feedback received as a result, left us no choice but to resume this initiative dispite the lack of funding. These classes will create an opportunity, for the 40 participants we are expecting to enroll this year, to build a sense of community and belonging.

It's no secret that one can not successfully integrate and thrive in the US without first, overcoming the language barrier. 

Our participants have experienced various atrocities in their homeland and all they need is a chance to feel like they belong. Breaking the language barrier will significantly impact their lives and will symbolize a step to the right directions of their upbringing. 

Join us, to make an impact in the lives of our community members.

"The most important word in English is Hope" Eleanor Roosevelt

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