Dear friend,

February is the month of love, but since Covid and the difficulties that came

with it, ...we all need a little more love in our life. We are grateful for our

supporters and are humbled by your continued support of CIN.

CIN is special. We serve many refugees & immigrants from sub-Saharan countries, more specifically DRC, integrate into American society while continuously promoting shared traditional culture, heritage, languages, & values. We are one of the very few nonprofits in King County that supports Sub Saharan & Congolese immigrants and refugees in a culturally appropriate manner. Our culturally competent staff understand the trauma they have lived, and we work with people in the languages they are most comfortable with.

We have three major programs: Parent Child Plus, Youth Development, and Congolese Health Board. Each of these programs are specifically designed to support different members of our community.

Annually, our Youth Development program serves about 100+ elementary, middle, and high school Congolese refugee youth, ages 6 to 24 & their parents throughout South King County. The purpose of this program is to strengthen parent-youth connections, youth's sense of identity, community, and pride in their culture and heritage.
We work to avoid the juvenile justice system and have our youth graduate from high school prepared to enter post secondary education or a career path.


Our Parent Child Plus program supports about 40+ children in regard to their early learning all the while teaching them English in order to prepare them for elementary school. Our goal is to ensure these children receive an equitable education regardless of their native language.

Our Congolese Health Board helps families integrate into American society, by providing intensive case management.

As it is the month of love, we ask that you please share your love by donating towards our goal of

$50,000. In support of the CIN programs to help build a better life for a greater tomorrow for all.

Your sacrifice, your love & your support will undoubtedly change a life. Thank you for standing

with us.

Love, CIN.