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The Early Learning Program and Tokola (Help Me Grow) project are sister divisions of the early learning department that work together to provide educational/family sustainability-based resources to help grow diverse families in our community to their full potential. The Early Learning program focuses on educational learning outcomes and tools to help aid parents to better understand how to be the teacher at home. Through educational visms, weekly home visits, and at need-based referrals, the early learning specialists and team put the (+) in PC Plus, in order to help advance the educational careers of these young children.


Whereas HelpMeGrow focuses on bridging the gap and providing resources for any potential ecosystem that may be affecting the child, as well as providing a plethora of family connection opportunities for the parent and child to bond, all the while receiving a new learning tool


Leading our kids to success

Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP) is a school readiness program for children and parents in our communities. Through PCHP, Congolese Integration Network supports parents during the crucial early years of their kids’ development and learning to help ensure that they have the skills and tools they need to start school on a path to success.  

Supporting kids and parents

Children from low-income communities of color have as much potential as any child, but due to inequities in resources and support, they routinely start school well behind their peers.

PCHP reaches low-income communities of color when and where it matters most — in the homes of children who are 2 to 3 years old. Early Learning Specialists make bi-weekly home visits working with parents to develop essential pre-K learning skills with their children.


Building confidence

Relocating to a new country and adjusting to a foreign educational system can be a challenge. We envision a community where all families have the support they need to help their kids thrive.

By giving parents the tools they need to learn with their kids at home, PCHP builds confidence and school readiness for parents and kids alike.

Help me grow

When birthing the launch of the BSK (Help Me Grow) program here at Congolese Integration Network, we knew that our dearly beloved people around king county were in need of something more. As time went on. More and more of our diverse families seemed to have a need for one on one attention outside of us teaching their children every week.


The idea is that with (Help Me Grow), CIN would be able to improve the health, well being and quality of life of the families of our communities. With this new program we have been able to make a difference through developmental promotional work, referral services and family connections, in hopes that these new implementations will give the people in these underprivileged communities a better opportunity to thrive.

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