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Empowering Healing: Congolese Health Board Hosts Transformative Mental Health Session

In a poignant gathering on Wednesday, April 17, 2023, the Congolese Health Board orchestrated a profound healing circle session, offering a safe haven for adults to delve into discussions on trauma. As refugees and immigrants, many have weathered unimaginable hardships, often leading to PTSD and other mental health hurdles. It is imperative that we confront these challenges to flourish and mend.

Within our circle, the mission is to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health, fostering a space where it is not only accepted but encouraged to openly address struggles and pursue healing. Today, a courageous participant bravely shared their narrative, shedding light on the signs of mental health and acknowledging the toll of past experiences on their well-being.

Their account delved into the tribulations of resettlement in America, the heartache of a fractured marriage, and the lingering trauma they carry. This raw and vulnerable disclosure underscored the significance of recognizing when support is needed and actively seeking help.

How can we prioritize our mental well-being without acknowledging our need for support? How do we identify mental health concerns and take strides toward healing and seeking assistance? These poignant inquiries steered our discussions.

We extend our gratitude to #MIDD for their steadfast support in our endeavors to foster mental health awareness and provide a nurturing space for healing and personal growth within our community. Let us stand united in supporting one another, dismantling barriers, and cultivating a culture of empathy and understanding.

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