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  • Alaskan Way South|International Boulevard|164th Avenue Southeast|Tacoma Mall Boulevard

Description du service

The Early Learning Program and Tokola (Help Me Grow) project are sister divisions of the early learning department that work together to provide educational/family sustainability-based resources to help grow diverse families in our community to their full potential. The Early Learning program focuses on educational learning outcomes and tools to help aid parents to better understand how to be the teacher at home. Through educational visms, weekly home visits, and at need-based referrals, the early learning specialists and team put the (+) in PC Plus, in order to help advance the educational careers of these young children.


  • 450 Alaskan Way South, Seattle, WA, USA


  • 19550 International Boulevard ste 103, SeaTac, WA, USA


  • 912 164th Avenue Southeast, Bellevue, WA, USA


  • 7018 Tacoma Mall Boulevard, Tacoma, WA, USA


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