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RIW Healing Circle


In the heart of Refugees and Immigrants Week, a profound transformation unfurled within the nurturing embrace of the Healing Circle event.

Guided with consummate expertise by Kelvin, a distinguished certified mental health counselor, this gathering emerged as a sanctuary for guests hailing from a tapestry of diverse backgrounds.

Here, within the sacred confines of this circle of healing, we embarked on an journey of selfdiscovery and emotional restoration. As we gathered, our collective goal was to unravel the mystery of mental health. 


We went deep into the awkwardness of this vital subject, peeling back layers to explore the nuances of what mental health truly entails.

With Kelvin as our compass on this introspective journey, we delved into the realm of mental health awareness. We learned to discern the signs of mental health issues, gaining invaluable insights into the depth manifestations of conditions such as depression and anxiety. Our collective knowledge blossomed as we uncovered the essential strategies for coping with these emotional burdens, equipping ourselves with the tools needed to navigate these uncertain moments


But the Healing Circle was not merely an academic exploration; it was a communal outpouring of vulnerability and strength. We peeled away the layers of our own experiences and shared our deepest concerns. In doing so, we shattered the stigma surrounding mental health within our African

community, transforming a once-taboo subject into a matter of open discourse and shared



Parents and children, elders and youth, all converged within this haven of healing. With open hearts and open minds, we forged a profound connection, granting one another the gift of a safe and respectful space to share. In this sacred circle, we discovered the power of unity, the beauty of empathy, and the resilience that resides within us all.

The Healing Circle was more than an event; it was a transformative journey towards selfawareness and collective healing. It stands as a testament to the strength of our community, where every voice is heard, every heart is embraced, and every soul is nurtured on the path to wellness.


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