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RIW Talent Show 

with Gayatri Deshpande, Manu Mfalme, Sharnae & Terence, Roberto Vita, Alejandro Snead, Darryl Foto,...

The festivities erupt with an electrifying Cultural Showcase that leaves spectators in impressed.

This is the center of cultural celebration, an opportunity for our community members to illuminate the stage with their exceptional talents dance, singing, spoken words, and fashion.


In preparation for this grand spectacle, we embarked on a mission to empower our community. The journey began with auditions that attracted aspiring talents from every all around

seattle. These auditions unveiled the extensive creativity and exposed potential residing within our communities. From these auditions, we handpicked three finalists or groups per category who would ascend to showcase during the finale. 


But here's where the magic unfolds: we acknowledged that some community members were new and performing for the very first time.

We extended our unwavering support by hosting rigorous rehearsals. These sessions were not just

about perfecting their craft; they were about building confidence and self-belief, preparing them to shine on the grand stage.

Now, picture this: as the spotlight bathes the stage in a celestial glow, these remarkable talents take their positions. Their hearts beat with anticipation, their dreams taking flight. With each note sung, each move executed, each joke delivered, and every fashion statement made, they surprised us with their sheer talent and


And the crowning glory? Every single talent, irrespective of their performance, walks away with tangible rewards. Cash prizes, allowing them not just to celebrate their artistic endeavors but to empower and boost them on their creative journeys ahead.

The Cultural Showcase is not just a display of artistry; it's a testament to the admirable spirit of

our community, where dreams find wings and talents shine brilliantly. It embodies the essence of Refugees and Immigrants Week, where diversity thrives, unity reigns, and dreams know no boundaries.


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