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RIW Healing Circle 2024

Location: Highline College Bld 3 Room 102
Date: July 25th
Time: 2-5PM
Free Admission!

Healing My Community

All is Welcome!



For many refugees and immigrants, arriving in the US often means carrying deep-seated traumas from the hardships endured in their homelands. These traumas can pose significant challenges to succeeding in their new lives here. We firmly believe that success begins with mental well-being, which is why we couldn't overlook the pathway to healing during our Refugees and Immigrants Week.

Welcome to our Healing Circle at Highline College on July 25th!

Everyone is welcome! Whether you're a youth or a parent, this is a safe space where you can share, heal, and learn from mental health specialists about coping with trauma. We'll provide refreshments, fun activities, and a soothing atmosphere of community support. Come with questions and immerse yourself in this session dedicated to community healing.

It's crucial to acknowledge the significance of gathering in a Healing Circle. In a world often marred by turmoil and uncertainty, these gatherings offer a refuge where wounds can be acknowledged, emotions can be expressed, and the journey toward healing can commence. Through shared experiences and collective energy, we discover strength in unity and hope in our shared humanity.

Join us on July 25th at Highline College as we gather to nurture our spirits, uplift one another, and embrace the transformative power of healing. Together, let's take a step towards wholeness and renewal.


Link to register will be up soon!

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