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Oct 11th at 6PM-9PM
Highline College building 8

The Congolese Integration Network Invites you!

(Together we fundraise to build the 1st Washington Community and Healing Center)


It is our great pleasure to invite you/ your organization to our 4th annual Fundraising Gala on Oct 11th at 6PM-9PM at Highline College building 8!















Our goal this year is ambitious yet essential: to raise $100,000. Your incredible generosity last year enabled us to take significant strides forward. With your support, we were able to hire a Program Manager, an Architect team, and a Real Estate agent, initiating crucial phases of Site Identification and planning. One vital aspect of our progress is securing Site control, which necessitates a downpayment. In the competitive and time-sensitive world of land acquisition, this is pivotal.

At the Congolese Integration Network, we've proudly earned a reputation as a trusted community advocate and resource hub. We specialize in identifying community needs and developing solutions to help our members secure the resources and support they need to thrive. As a cultural home and a beacon of support, service, and healing for immigrants and refugees from the DRC and beyond, our role is indispensable.

But this gala isn't just about fundraising—it's an event surrounded by culture. Prepare to be enchanted as people from all over the world grace our stage, presenting their rich cultural heritage through performances and presentations.

And here's a little secret: we'll be treating your taste buds to a delightful journey with mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisine!

But that's not all! We're also hosting a thrilling live and silent auction, featuring an array of incredible items up for bid. So come prepared to bid and indulge in an evening of enjoyment and enlightenment.

Mark your calendars and join us for an unforgettable experience of celebration, learning, and community support!



To our Sponsors!


Besides honoring us with your presence, would you consider sponsoring our event, whether you can make
it or not?


Buy a table to sponsor or click the button below. Email us if you have any questions at

Gold $2,000

• 1 table of 8

• Name or company Logo will be printed and displayed on your table

• Name or company Logo will be printed and displayed on event program

• A slide dedicated to name or company Logo will be displayed on our slideshow

• Special shout out during event

Silver: $1,200


• 1 table of 8

• Name or company Logo will be printed and displayed on your table

• Special shout out during event

Bronze: $500


• 2 tickets

• Name or company Logo will be printed and displayed on event program

• Special shout out during event

One thing do we do Best is make Fundraising FUN!

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