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for to ensure the needs of Congolese refugees and immigrants are met and aim to restore a sen

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June 16, 2023

June 9, 2023

An amazing day!


We thank all volunteers, donors Sanctus and the Catholic community for making us feel so special.

Services such us orca, health screening, toys and food was shared followed by a French mass.

May 26, 2023

Advocacy day!

In times of crisis, communities rely on elected officials to offer guidance and support and our Council member Dave Upthegrove did more than just that today.

We are confident in our leadership and looking forward to lots of positive changes

May 18, 2023

Celebration about our at home one on one early learning program and so much more!

Leading our kids to success

Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP) is a school readiness program for children and parents in our communities. Through PCHP, Congolese Integration Network supports parents during the crucial early years of their kids’ development and learning to help ensure that they have the skills and tools they need to start school on a path to success.

It is not time to celebrate our resilient Refugees and Immigrants kids who went through an entire school year of at home one on one education with our Early Learning Specialists.

Gifts, food, music will be available as we celebrate getting our future generation ready for kindergarten!

April 25th Mineral Conference Saint Martin’s University tour and the maker Space.
How can we bring learning opportunities to Congolese Scholars and offer more hand one manufacturing experience?
A lot was shared including an excellent partnership idea which will be developed soon enough

April 25th Mineral Conference Port of Olympia Special tour and private meeting with Port of Olympia Commissioners.

April 25th Mineral Conference Port of Olympia Special tour and private meeting with Port of Olympia Commissioners.
To do business, it is important to know how to exchange goods. A lot was shared including
possibilities of partnership an implementation steps

April 25th

Mineral Conference (Washinton State Capital ) Special tour and private meeting with Lieutenant Governor Denny Heck
How can the State of Washington promote a business relationship between the RDC and Washington headquartered corporations?

April 25th

Mineral Conference Special tour At the Talking Cedar Brewery and Distillery.

Why invest in such industry and what are the potential of partnerships with the DRC

May 6, 2023

Free Tree Give away at Angle Lake This Saturday May 6 at 10AM
The Congolese Integration Network has once again partnered to train more youth through our very unique TREE TRAINING Program.


They learned how to maintained our public spaces, plaint and maintain trees and so much more!!!!!!

Plain a tree and help save the planet; and do not worry, our trained youth will teach you all that you need to know to maintain your trees.

Share this post and tell a friend!!

March, 2023

We thank Port of Seattle for supporting community initiatives, offering Refugees and Immigrants communities a platform to learn, grown and heal through various activities.

We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to start a community garden in the City of Tukwila.

This initiative will allow foreign born communities to grow cultural food, build a sense of belonging, learn more about available resources in the city of Tukwila and so much more!!!

Together we can break barriers.

March, 2023

Washington State Governor’s Prayer Breakfast

Under the leadership of the Congolese Honorary Consul and Executive Director of the Congolese Integration Network, we are grateful to have been given the opportunity to spend time to pray for our leaders and this land of hope and opportunities.

We are grateful to have leaders who value prayer and community.

May the all mighty God bless our leaders with wisdom and understanding of community needs and support needed.

March 2023

Youth program

Shout to our Tree Giveaway & Ambassadorship Youth Program

So far the youth have gone through tree 101 class with Dirt Corps’, learning the parts of trees, how they work, their benefits in urban ecosystems, how tree canopy in particular helps with local climate and to mitigate urban heat island effects, and started working on how to identify trees and learning their different characteristics. They also have discussed how Dirt Corps’ tree giveaway programs have been run in the past, their options for tree giveaways, how we will develop this program, and what kind of trees/tree benefits they want to prioritize in their community.

Next they will continue learning about specific kinds of trees at Dirt Corps’ nursery and their benefits and how to identify them. They will learn how to determine where to plant what trees (right tree right place) and will learn about the different factors that determine that (soil, water, sunlight, nutrients, space, and urban needs). They will start picking the kinds of trees they want to give away, learn how to procure trees in general, and start planning how to do our giveaways (large giveaway event vs door to door giveaway).

March 3, 2023



CIN Soccer/ Seattle African League!!!

Proud of all of our coaches!

cin socwer .jpg

February 16 2023

vote PRO “African Heritage Week”. The cin calling

Calling all African And lovers of African Cultures to vote PRO “African Heritage Week”

Click here:

Our presence in the State of Washington has largely influenced its culture from the music playing in parties, to festivals, food and so much more!!!!

Our elected officials see it and this is a chance for us to show them just how much we want to be recognized.

Vote pro now and tell a friend


January 2023

the continuing of our series community health clinics

we offered a variety of services including applying for health insure, Orca Cards, library services, Covid-19 vacations, free groceries and so many more.

American investors go to Congo thanks to CIN

January 2023


Under the leadership and impulsion of His Honorary Council of Washington State Mr. Floribert Mubalama, a group of investors have landed Kinshasa for an assessment and implementation of multiple projects to develop local communities.


January 21, 2023

cin b1.jpg

It is an Honor and Privilege that we will welcome Amy E. Pope, from January 31st, 2023 to February 2nd, 2023 in the Intellectual Capital of the Congolese Diaspora, Washington State. Thanks very much to our Brother Jean d'Arc Campbell for his leadership and to the Nycs Bellevue . Amy Pope is Candidate for the Director General position of the United Nations International Organization for Migration (IOM). She has worked with a variety of stakeholders such as multilateral organizations, governments, and communities to develop strategies to respond to health crises, migration surges, trafficking in persons, and climate change and before joining OIM, she was Senior Advisor on Migration to the Executive Office of the President of the United States . She has played many roles including Migration Policy Lead, Biden-Harris Transition Team and Campaign. During her stay here in Washington state, Congolese Integration Network will host Amy Pope in a working session before joining the Nycs Bellevue College team for a reception dinner

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